Rental Licence

How to obtain a Croatian Rental Licence: A guide to Renting out a Croatian property for non-Croatian nationals, post EU membership.

Now that EU regulations come into force meaning people from fellow EU countries can now earn income in their own private names, it is now comparatively easy for a person from an EU country to earn rental income from their Croatian property. You can personally obtain a rental licence in a few weeks in Croatia and ultimately pay a very small running cost in tax on your summer booking in time for the summer of 2014.I have substantially updated my 2012 guide on the subject and can now provide a definitive instruction manual on how to obtain your rental licence. Armed with this guide you can be legally earning rental income by the summer of 2014.

"I have been through your work line by line and it is most useful, thanks." Peter

"I have recently purchased Martin Westby's book. It's very informative." Paul Smith

"Thanks for sending the book, which I am currently reading with great interest. It seems extremely comprehensive." J. Zappia

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